If you’re having sleepless nights, blame it on the goats, because they’re the ones who discovered the ‘refreshing’ properties of coffee.

A very, VERY long time ago, in the highlands of Ethiopia, an Arab goatherd named Khalid found that his goats ran like horses when they ate the berries of the coffee plant. Being such an energetic berry, coffee travelled all the way from the Middle East to Yemen and Egypt in Africa. By the end of the 15th Century, it had sprinted across the rest of the Middle East, Persia, Turkey and North Africa. Marathon runners would have been proud of the coffee berry.

It didn’t stop there. It kept running, tirelessly, and smuggled itself from Yemen to Europe. There, it touched base at Venice, Austria and Poland. Another race of coffee beans came from Java and energised the people of the Netherlands. The Dutch then took coffee with them to Ceylon and boy, did it become popular there or what!

When it reached North America, it didn’t hit off with the people initially. However, during the Revolutionary War, it became friendly with the people of the army and BINGO! America started loving its coffee.

So the next time you take a cup of coffee in your hand, remember, it all started with a herd of goats.